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Male Sexual Problem Treatment Kit. .

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Most of the males faces problems regarding their sex from erectile dysfunction ,premature imperfect coition to spermatorrhoea .Every problem has a symptomatic solution with homeopathy for your healthy, vigorous and complete sex. Find your right condition and then right medicine .

Patient's Disease Conditions
  • Chronic loss of seminal fluid, weakness after intercourse desires remains instead of weakness, coition several in one night discharge soon after coition
  • Discharge of prostatic fluid during a hard stool, frequently seminal emission
  • Frequent discharge at night from slight excitation,exertion without lascivious(sexual )dreams, case arise from masturbation
  • Discharge of semen due to2 or 3 sexual dreams a night ,feel weak about the knees in day
  • Weakness of mind & body, sweating after every discharge, in fatty person sweating from least exertioncold sweat, headache, backache, excess sexual desire
  • Penis relaxed cold without sexual desire, and excitement, no orgasm during an embrace, excitement
  • Physically impotent, but desire present, rapid emission, weakness after coition, invoulantary dribbling of semen, prostatic fluid, at stool, during walking, sleep, headache -
  • Old men who were involved in excess sex, excess excitement, but now loss of sexual desire and discharge,
  • Frequent discharge at night especially towards the morning, irritability, constipation, headache, from sexual excess, no control over the mind during an embrace heavy drunkard
  • When ever suppression of sexual desire, causes pains in the testes, discharge on slightest provocations
Erectile Dysfunction/Impotence
  • Erection too weak and fail when he attempts to coition
  • No erection no orgasm during an embrace, relaxed penis with sexual desire and excitement
  • Complete impotence no sexual power or desire, seminal losses from seminal abuse, coldness of genitals
  • History of several coitions in one night, greatly distressed by the act, weakness, sadness. Complete indifferent, takes no notice, lies like a log, legs weak, no mean to affairs of life.
  • Impotence with desire; sexual thoughts, but physically impotent, discharge slow or too rapid with long continued thrill, oozing of semen, prostatic fluid .
  • Constant desire to urinate, with burning pain before, during and after urination. Excess sexual excitement
  • Acute inflammatory stage of gonorrhoea burning after urination , urethra painful to touch or pressure .Canít walk with legs close together it hurts the urethra , Constipation causing retention of urine. Continuous painful erectile penis.
  • Chronic gonorrhoea in spite of injections of silver nitrate, painless discharge of thin yellowish pus, pain in urethra after urinating.
  • During urination feels as if a drop remained behind , continuous desire to urinate . Sensation as of urine trickling in urethra, severe cutting at close of urinationIf gonorrhoea is suppressed by injections and warts, condylomata are present, it is best applicable
  • Intense itching deep in urethra, desire to rub it with rough thing in urethra for relief, pain at root of penis
  • No pain, no feeling of erosion, continuous discharge From urethra. Discharge is thick, thick, yellowish, and sensation of weakness after stool.
  • Pain after urination. the patient urinates after ten or fifteen minutes, inflamed prostate
  • Brilliant clinical record in gonorrhoea
  • Difficulty in passing urine, frequent desire to urinate, absence of sexual desire
  • Painless, milky, greenish or yellowish, stains the cloth, Especially scanty, perhaps appearing only in the morning opening (meatus) glued together in morning, of long time
  • Greenish yellow discharge worse at night
  • When there is a want of tone or debility of the mucus membrane with persistent desire and no pain. Discharge is thick
  • Chronic gleet due to silver nitrate injection , the discharge is clear. This is a common condition .One last persisting drop and cutting pain on urination.
  • Gleet where the condition is aggravated by excess in diet and drink
  • Much swelling; bag like with burning, stringing pain, no thirst, better by sitting erect
  • Swelling of the scrotum, penis, from cold drink, cold food, burning inside, restless, feels better by warm applications on it
  • Swelling with redness, hotness and throbbing pain more on touch, motion
  • Hydrocele of children
  • Stony hard swelling, and enlarged scrotum
  • Crushed pain in testicles
  • In wet, stormy weather, mainly before or after thunderstorm as if it were being crushed

About Treatment Kit

  • We have made a effective collection of medicines to be taken in all these conditions. This treatment kit consists of a treatment guide that could be used for taking medicines.
  • If you need personal consultation for your Male Sexual Problem please fill the Consultation form

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